Creating a Center of Commerce for Real Estate
Online Platform
Quality source of new transaction opportunities for both buyers and sellers.
Online Platform
Automation and process management for real estate transactions from end-to-end.
Online Platform
Experienced real estate professionals and integrated private networks.
If You Manage a Real Estate Organization
Discover what we can do for you:
The SFR software is intuitive and easy to use. This software puts buyers together with sellers and then streamlines the whole transaction process. With the new data bridge between the SFR Network and Smart Property Systems, investors have an amazing end-to-end solution to manage the entire property lifecycle.
- Timmi Ryerson, Smart Property Systems
The primary reason we use the SFR Network at Rebuild Strategies is that it has allowed us to eliminate spreadsheets and e-mails when we are buying and selling properties. The system keeps all of the documents and information current in real time, all on a platform that automates the whole process from end to end.
- Al Waddill, Rebuild Strategies
  • Customized Private Networks
  • End-to-End Process Management
  • Powerful Evaluation and Analysis Tools
  • Document and Photo Management
  • Buy and Sell Properties
  • Online Financing
  • Professional Network
  • Institutional-Level Transaction Volumes
What does it cost?

Pricing of the system varies by the number of members or transaction volume, but is very reasonable and can more than pay for itself with direct cost savings in your process. There are several Editions available with differing levels of functionality, including a “free” version, where a fee is charged only if a transaction is completed. Here are some general pricing guidelines:

  • If you meet established volume requirements, there may be zero cost to set up your private network.
  • The system can be provided as a SaaS based model, with a monthly fee per user. Or it can be set up as a “Transaction Fee” model, in which there is no per-user cost.
  • In many cases the system can simply add a “Technology Processing Fee” to your existing transaction workflow, which can be passed on to the client or member if desired.
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If you are involved in the private capital real estate business and represent an organization that is actively involved in managing large amounts of real estate transactions our software was built to help you manage and monetize the complexities of your business. Choose a link below to learn more about what our product can do specifically for you to request a demo today!